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Sun, 15 Jan 2017 16:45:00 -0800

Bottling Taupo Eruption...

The time has come to bottle my New Zealand hopped pale ale, Taupo Eruption.

Interesting taste! Very hoppy, but with a definite tropical slant to the hops, almost, but not quite, fruity. The malt definitely tastes of a hint of coffee and caramel. Overall, not bad at all!

The jury is still out on the catalyst fermenter... The gasket on the lid keeps coming off whenever I open the lid. The conical bottom didn't exactly shed all of the yeast, so I've ended up with a lot more yeast in suspension than usual at bottling time; hope I don't get bottle bombs... It was very easy to clean, though. I'll probably use it again for experimental brews and/or extract brews, more likely with a less flocculant yeast like 1056.

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kelly jacklin