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Sat, 19 Nov 2016 15:23:00 -0800

National Organic Brewing Competition Results!

My "Mad Zack's Plague of Kali" Rye IPA brew got first place in the "American IPA" category in the 2016 National Organic Brewing Competition!

I also got 1st place in the "American Amber and Brown Ale" category for my "Mad Zack's Nuclear Fallout" Amber Ale.

Of those, "Plague of Kali" is the one I'm proudest of, as it came out really well, with a very nice nose and excellent taste (IMO, and apparently in the judges' as well). Also, the IPA category is quite crowded, so that was the field with the most competition, and thus the award means even more.

The best in show awards have not been officially announced yet, but I hear that a weird fruity beer (a raspberry jalapeƱo wheat beer) won 1st place in best of show.

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kelly jacklin