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Sun, 16 Oct 2016 13:08:00 -0800

Bottled Gluten-Free Red Ale

And to round out a weekend of beer-making, I bottled the gluten-free red ale (a modified clone of BJ's Jeremiah Red).

Again, large trub, only yielded 192 oz (5.7 L) from the 2 one-gallon fermenters.

It ended up quite high alcohol, about 8.2 ABV, a it less that expected, but still quite high... I say "about" because I didn't take an initial reading, so I only have the calculated OG of 1.086 and the measured FG of 1.024...

Kinda tasty, not half bad. A bit of alcohol burn, and none of the malty sweetness, but overall for a GF beer, not bad...

#GlutenFree #RedAle

kelly jacklin