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Sun, 05 Jun 2016 08:24:00 -0800

Electric Consumption on Bottling Day

Electrical consumption on bottling day at Mad Zack Brewing.

The spiky red line is consumption, the green "half dome" is our solar production ('twas a cloudy morn!), the purple and light-green shaded-under plots are cumulative consumption and production, respectively.

Our water heater is electric, you see, and my sanitation procedure for bottles is bleach followed by a scalding water rinse (to rid the bottles of bleach).

I'm still old school, using bleach like I did when brewing 20 years ago. I haven't tried out StarSan yet, haven't gotten over my suspicions that it's a gimmick, but for my next batch, I plan on giving it a try. Just about everybody uses StarSan nowadays, so it can't be bad, I guess...


kelly jacklin