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Thu, 21 Mar 2024 17:00:00 -0400

Brewery Review: Rising Silo Farm Brewery

Rising Silo Brewery is a little roadside farm brewery and eatery located just outside of Blacksburg, Virginia near Virginia Tech (erm, "Go Hokies"?).

Fun outdoor eating area, indoor options as well. Limited menu, with great-looking wood-fired pizza options. One orders indoors at a register next to the pizza oven, and they take pretty much all forms of payment (using square).

They have a surprisingly extensive and eclectic beer menu, all brewed onsite. Along with the usual microbrewery staples (even those have interesting twists!), there are some very intriguing selections from which to choose. It might actually be fair to say that there is something for everyone!

They offer flights of 4-6 beers, so naturally, I got the 6-beer flight. Here were the selections i made, and my thoughts about those beers:

For food, I ordered their burger, and my son ordered their quinoa bowl topped with sliced steak. We sat outside, at a picnic bench on a gentle slope. It was peaceful and bucolic, despite proximity to their parking lot.

The burger was ok, and it came with fries and a pink dipping sauce for the fries. That sauce was fantastic! I think it was some kind of berry-infused aioli, which I know sounds weird, but it worked: very good indeed!

As we were bussing our dishes, a lady was setting up and sound checking herself on acoustic guitar, playing a classical Spanish piece on a nylon-stringed guitar. Probably would have been fun to listen and watch, but we had to go.

If my son ends up picking VT as his transfer school, I will definitely return here!

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kelly jacklin