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Sun, 27 Sep 2020 12:10:37 -0700

Mead and Plum Melomel progress...

Kinda forgot to do anything with my mead and melomel batches, after the first 8 days, but I decided to rack them to secondary today, after 50 days in primary...

I was expecting more lees flavour, but they both taste pretty durned good!

The mead is super-sweet, but the alcohol is there, so I think I just overshot the OG. Wifey likes very sweet, so she's loving it. It's kinda cloudy, I guess expected for that level of sweetness.

The plum melomel had a tiny hint of medicinal taste and alcohol burn at first, but that fades very quickly leaving a definite wine taste, with clear hints of plum. No honey taste whatsoever, which is fine for what I was going for. This melomel is super-clear, too!

I only pulled enough to taste, not enough for a gravity reading (I have only big hydrometer flasks, like 10oz or so).

I'm planning to bottle in another 3 weeks, then let it "cellar-age" (erm, "garage-age?") for a few months, maybe less.


kelly jacklin