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Sun, 22 Sep 2019 18:24:06 -0700

Brewery Review: R&B Brewing in Vancouver BC

Now this is more like it! Super-sweet neighborhood brewery, with really good beer, not crowded, and a funky, unique ambience. Not too sketchy neighborhood, mostly couples and groups, friendly staff, and funky furnishings. Very good beer, with some adventurous choices. This is for what I've been looking...

Funky little place on a side street. Very welcoming, neighborhood feel. Not too busy, open windows, weird funky decor (including a deer antlers candelabra!). Kinda country and folky music. Mostly couples, I think I was the only non-couple customer.

I ordered a pretzel with beer cheese. The beer cheese was yummy, the pretzel kinda missed the mark: too dry, more like a stale bagel.

Then there were the beers!

I'm definitely coming back to this little brewpub!

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kelly jacklin