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Sat, 21 Sep 2019 21:00:00 -0700

Brewery Review: Steel & Oak Brewery in New Westminster BC (near Vancouver)

Steel & Oak Brewery

Wee neighborhood brewery in an industrial area, without its own food. This place was awesome, like night and day from the previous night!

They had a food truck out front (, at which I got jerk chicken with sweet corn waffles, with both "the spicy sauce" (it wasn't, but it was still good!) and a sweet coconut sauce.

Ambience was young, loud and drunk, with the exception of the father and daughter next to me who were playing battleship and connect four...

This place was awesome, Like night and day from last night! The beers were fantastic, a bit adventurous, and all pretty tastey! Very neighborhood feeling.

One of the three workers gave me a tour of the brewery in the back room. She took time out during the busiest time of the evening rush to show me around. They really managed to pack a lot of working space into a small location, very impressive.

The flights were on clean boards with magnetic preprinted labels stuck on for each brew, which were assembled as I ordered, making serving also easy.

Nothing was bad, most were quite good! The double ipa was my least favourite, but this was more than offset by the rye lager and red Pilsner, both of which were excellent!

Very cool place!

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kelly jacklin