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Wed, 03 Oct 2018 08:15:00 -0700

Adding flavour adjuncts to my Stout...

My Dark Matter stout has been fermenting for a while, and has not made any more progress creeping down the specific gravity, so it's done. (I actually thought it might be stuck, so I pitched more yeast a few days ago, but after no further progress, I'm calling it...)

So it's time to add the flavour adjuncts! We have cacao nibs, vanilla beans and cinnamon. I gave the cacao nibs a slight crush to open them up a bit and expose more surface area, sliced and scraped the vanilla beans, and cracked down the cinnamon sticks, again to expose more area:

I put all that in a hop sock, along with a whiskey stone to weight it down a bit:

soaked it in vodka for a bit to sanitize it:

then I racked my stout into a fresh 2.5g keg, over on top of the hop sock, and pitched in the tincture (vodka in which it had soaked) for good measure.

I gave a taste before and after, and you can already get the hint of the flavours.

This might end up being a very nice brew indeed, even though it's a lower ABV than I had targeted.

(I'm not sure I'm sold on the name yet, but this is not the same as my Black Death stout, so I shouldn't reuse that name...)

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kelly jacklin