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Tue, 02 Oct 2018 18:30:00 -0700

My brew as a PicoPak!

Well all the Ts finally got crossed, and my "Plague of Kali" recipe is now available on the PicoBrew website as a PicoPak for people who have a PicoC or PicoPro to brew.

They sent me a sample:

Complete with my logo on a sticker in the corner:

and on the grain bin:

I went ahead and brewed it on my PicoC:

The mash and boil went perfectly, of course:

and at the end, I had a nice bin of spent grain for the chicken lady:

and it then shows up on my list of brewed PicoPaks:

I cooled it off, and pitched the yeast (Safale US-05). Once fermentation completes, there's a little dry-hop sachet to pitch in, and then I'll package it to a serving keg, and post pics of that. Then a few days on the packet of sugar that it comes with, and it'll be ready to serve...

Once again, the main hurdle to getting more purchases will be marketing, and Pico isn't really doing much to market my PicoPak, but hopefully some folks will give it a go, and review the results on their marketplace, so it can gain more visibility.

Regardless, having my recipe for sale kinda tickles me pink...

#PlagueOfKali #PicoBrew

kelly jacklin