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Wed, 25 Apr 2018 10:44:00 -0700

PicoPak for my Plague of Kali coming soon!

A while ago, I applied to be on the PicoBrew brewers network, so they can sell PicoPaks of my recipes on their BrewMarketplace.

The process was a bit involved, but after much back and forth, and a lot of tweaking of artwork and text, my site on their marketplace is now live:
Brewer's Page: here
Beer Page: here

I had to modify my recipe somewhat, as PicoBrew doesn't carry some of the exotic hops I use, and they only offer dry yeast as well. I've done a test batch (on the Zymatic), which is fermenting now. So I've submitted a modified version of the recipe to them, and they are in the process of test brewing it now. I'm hoping to have the PicoPaks available for sale sometime in June. Looking forward to it!

kelly jacklin